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Wargäreim is a near-equatorial nation of Raljikka and is regarded as the ancestral homeland of the human race. The nation itself is said to be a testament to the persistence and ambition that humans are known for; their cities are enormous and layered to maximize on space, combining genius feats of architecture and magic. Humans build their cities to last, and the rich history of Wargäreim is meticulously preserved all throughout the country. Thus, anything a human creates will outlast their lifetime -- such is the nature of humanity's persistence and endurance.

This bookkeeping is perhaps why Wargäreim is so focused on magic and learning; with repositories and libraries all over the nation, anyone might conceivably pick up even a few cantrips here or there. Their universities are renowned throughout Ealdremen and are dedicated to every focus of magic imaginable, but especially the arcane. It is said that when the Estvoldian explorers brought with them their theories on magic and spellcraft, the inhabitants of Wargäreim took to it as a fish takes to water. Since then, the country has become a bastion of magical research and focus on perfecting the art of magic. As a result of the magical focus, Wargäreim tends to separate technology and magic, for magic tends to have unforeseen side effects on excessively complicated technology. "Quarantine labs" are all throughout the country, even publicly accessible ones, for those who want to test a spell or simply practice so that their magic does not have disastrous side effects on existing magical effects or technology grids.