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The culture of Xasína has been said to be accurately summarized by the rhyme "Desso falla esso raya" -- literally translated, "your fall is my failure." Communal responsibility dominates Xasína to the point of them "linking" with others as their lives go on and deeming them to be their responsibility. A linked individual might be a family member, especially a younger sibling or a child, or it might be someone that has fallen on hard times and is being helped by someone else. In extreme cases, if someone in a linked pair dies before certain goals or debts were completed, the survivor may take on their identity for several years -- effectively "dying" as well for the sake of finishing what was started. Sometimes, after this business is completed, the survivor might assume an entirely new identity and leave behind their old one to be dead with the person they linked with prior.

Xasínan government is regarded as being "linked" to the country and all its people. As a result, any betrayal of citizens' well-being, particularly when trying to uphold the interests of select groups, is a scandal beyond measure in Xasína and might be grounds for the removal of current governors. Because the government is faced with such scrutiny, some politicians don't even last a year in office before the people rebel against them and clamor for their impeachment; Xasína is weak in foreign affairs, even with its neighbors around Ra Lar or other countries on Beyne, due to constant government turnover, though its people looking out for one another means that the everyday citizen rarely feels the ramifications of this way of living.