Zanketzi the Ousted Gaze

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Said to have been cast from the presence of other gods for their own safety, Zanketzi the Ousted Gaze is a chaotic god of boundless, otherworldly energy, and they are drawn to powerful sources of Chrono, especially fellow gods or, much to the fear of space travelers aware of the god, even the hulls of spacecraft. They are said to feed on the various demons and other creatures of chaos that follow them through the system in search of things to feed upon. Zanketzi is thankfully extremely rare to see even when carrying enormous amounts of Chrono, but a single encounter with the god -- even from afar -- is enough to haunt someone for an entire lifetime.


Zanketzi's form is ever-changing, but always horrific, taking the shape of a myriad of eldritch abominations to the point where simply gazing upon the god can plunge someone into the deepest of despair and terror. It is said that any who look upon Zanketzi will not see the same thing between blinks of the eye -- and that blinking gives Zanketzi the opportunity to draw closer. Those who have encountered the god reported that Zanketzi's many eyes, if the viewer's gaze met theirs, would bulge out and somehow force the onlooker to never avert their gaze but constantly blink. This would give Zanketzi the needed time to creep closer and closer, their form changing all the way.

Zanketzi's arrival is often preceded by all communication devices or devices capable of producing sound instead erratically only playing distorted versions of Zanketzi's distinctive cry. In some cases, this alteration can last for days before the god finally appears.

Zanketzi's Cry