Zervat Aniklý

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"Your cause is commendable, but... circumstances often force us to throw our lot one way or the other. And in times of war -- and make no mistake, boy, this is a war, even if the universe doesn't know it yet -- that often means not everyone can be saved."

The Veriol Council's Minister of War, Zervat Aniklý is one of the most active council members, constantly traveling about on some errand or another. On top of this, he's known for his devout belief in the god Senskončí, the Dreamless One, and he serves as an inquisitor of sorts within his religion. His pious and extremist nature has drawn criticism from the people, but Zervat's dedication to the Veriol Alliance is second to none.


According to Zervat's own comments, his family has worshiped the Dreamless One for several generations. However, one day when he was young, strange black markings began to appear on his body. His family interpreted this as a sign that Zervat had been chosen by their god, and they thought little of it. As time went on, the markings spread more and more, and Zervat found it increasingly hard to sleep. When he did, he did not dream.

Zervat became a member of the Veriol Council in 4335, and he became a head minister just three years later. Because it was unprecedented for someone so new to the council to become a head minister, many suspected foul play or some sort of inside help, most likely from Menème Gardier.