Zwehan Kut

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Zwehan Kut (pronounced zway-hahn koot) is a mace and was the sixth of the godslayers to be forged. Its name means "New King" in Tasaramar.

O child of a shattered bloodline...
You are not yet ready
to know what lies ahead.


Zwehan Kut, when in its awakened form, glows vibrantly like the sun. Being predominately orange with yellow spikes protruding from it, it isn't hard to see why this mace is likened unto the rising sun.

When inactive, Zwehan Kut does not glow and has duller colors.


The voice of Zwehan Kut is deep and resonating, self-assured and conceited. It often commands its wielders, ignoring their thoughts on the matter and ordering them to pursue the course of action that it perceives as best.

It is said that when introducing itself, Zwehan Kut will tell its new wielder, "I am indomitable, and you shall rule alongside me."



The incantation to awaken Zwehan Kut is spoken in Tasaramar.

"Kazh dweji ishkku! Zwehan kut mazju!"

Translated, it means, "Your dominion ends here! Bow to the new king!"


The spirit trapped inside of Zwehan Kut is Rezzali Ozwekkodi, a doctor who was thought to be a lirastot but was in actuality a geralkki lut. Arrogant and conceited, he believes that he is long overdue being liberated from the weapon and seeks freedom at every opportunity.