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Using this Wiki

The Chrono Stars Wiki is a collaborative effort between various people, all of whom bring wonderful, different things to the project. Although you technically can edit almost any page on this wiki, please exercise discretion in doing so; some pages "belong" to specific people, and these pages normally include, but are not limited to, specific sub-setting pages and character pages. Edits made to pages that are not "yours" should be clarified with the page's "owner," even if the edit may seem to be an "objectively correct" one to make, such as correcting a grammar mistake. Even if you would feel fine with somebody else editing your characters' or world's pages, that does not mean everybody else feels the same way. Please respect other people's creativity and efforts.


If you are a "contributor" to Chrono Stars, such as being a player, writer, artist, or gamemaster involved in this setting, you are welcome to create relevant pages or files for your parts of the setting. This might include characters (both player and otherwise), important items or other objects, locations and settings, or specific events. You do not need to ask permission before creating pages on the wiki, and you are actually encouraged to do so completely on your own.


If you are a "spectator" of Chrono Stars -- as in, not a current contributor to the multiverse, such as being a player or gamemaster of a Chrono Stars tabletop game -- you are expressly welcome to visit various pages and enjoy the content that people have made for this setting. However, you are requested to not edit or create pages if you are not a part of the project, as Chrono Stars is meant to be a collaborative work where all involved parties are in contact with one another. If you want to be part of the collaborative efforts in some capacity, please speak with User:Ealdremen to learn more about "joining" Chrono Stars.