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The year is 4364 CGC. The Chrono Stars War begun in 4340 has gone cold, having not seen a true battle for nearly twenty years, but peace has not been declared, and the lives of common people hang precariously in the balance. No involved faction or power — predominately the Veriol Alliance, the Alamír Empire, the Gerualdi Union, the Nazdrovie Pact, and the governments of the recently-discovered planet Nethere — seems inclined to truly broker peace. Ideological differences, old historical grudges, recent crimes, and even the potential for profiting from war keep peace a distant dream at best and a historical event at worst.

For the common people, the war is stagnant enough that they might find illegal methods of crossing boundaries, and there is opportunity in going where most will not or simply cannot due to the stewing war. Dignitaries and diplomats, or even just the occasional well-meaning peace activist, are doing their utmost to quell the political tension while peace seems tenuously possible. However, their efforts have not seen success in the decades of their attempts, especially as the war's stalemate status has given enough time for local conflicts and divisions to sow discord throughout the Ealdremen system's greater political landscape.

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