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This is a style guide to ensure consistency across pages made on the Chrono Stars Wiki.


Use sentence case capitalization in titles, section headings, and categories unless it is an intrinsic part of the name such as being a proper noun (like the name of a person or a group) or the title of a work.

Correct: Modern politics in the Veriol Alliance
Here, "Veriol Alliance" is capitalized because it is the name of a group. "Modern politics" is not a proper noun, so it is not capitalized except for "Modern" because it is at the start of the "sentence".
Incorrect: Modern Politics in the Veriol Alliance
Incorrect: modern politics in the Veriol Alliance
Incorrect: Modern Politics In The Veriol Alliance

Articles in titles

Titles should not start with articles such as the, a, or an unless it is part of the intrinsic title of the subject, such as a location name where this is part of the name (e.g. for a real-life example, The Hague in the Netherlands), or if it is the name of a work such as a book.

Units of measurement

Articles relating to the Ealdremen System and any subjects within it should use the metric system for distance, height, and weight.

Creators of related settings that are not based in Ealdremen may use other units of measurement at their discretion. It is advised to pick a unit of measurement congruent with the primary TTRPG system being used for that setting, or to display the metric equivalents in addition to the selected units of measurement.

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