Millennial Calm

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The Millennial Calm is a term given to the period following the Third Galactic War's end in 3045 and prior to the Godbomb in 4100. Though historians debate on if the Millennial Calm's true start was immediately after the Third Galactic War or with the signing of the peace treaties in the year 3058, all agree that it came to an abrupt end with the apocalyptic Godbomb.

Origins of Term

The term Millennial Calm was first used by the historian Lusso Rosso, oddly enough, before the Godbomb and not after it. It was first seen in his speculative book, The Millennial Calm and Why It Won't Last, that was published in 4060, wherein he predicted that the thousand-year peace in the galaxy would soon end. Decried as a doomsayer at the time, Rosso's writings were found to be somewhat accurate following the Godbomb and the resulting cold wars between the refounded Alamo Empire and Veriol Alliance. Though Rosso had been wrong to think the Alamo Empire was "too irrelevant" for society to once again grow attached to, he had been correct in speculating the Gerualdi Union's peerless power would be instrumental in either causing or preventing another galactic war.

Thousand-Year Peace

After the Alamo Empire was dismantled, the Nazdrovie Pact peacefully fell apart, as it had been founded on an alliance against a common enemy that no longer existed. The Veriol Alliance maintained its regular meetings while negotiating peace terms with the Alamo Empire's former territories, but by the year 3100 had ceased to be relevant with no looming enemy around the corner. Though the Veriol Alliance did not technically disband, its power grew smaller and smaller to the point where it existed mostly as a formality among its nations and to help facilitate trade agreements.

With no wars siphoning the galaxy's resources, technology, magic studies, and economy boomed, and they only improved as the galactic wars passed into distant memory. It is said that the Millennial Calm's greatest inventions and discoveries were lost in the Godbomb; for example, records indicate that their spaceships were beyond that of the modern-day, able to traverse incredible distances in mere days using "precise formulas that combine Chrono and technology". Hospitals, between advancements in medicine and magic, were able to greatly lengthen the lifespans of even the most short-lived of races. And, most importantly, there were no galactic wars like those that had dominated most of the galaxy's interplanetary history beforehand.

Although the Ealdremen Galaxy was by no means a paradise during the Millennial Calm -- after all, smale-scale conflicts still occurred -- it may as well have been for the post-Godbomb civilizations that have grown under the threat of war for centuries. Media that detail the Millennial Calm heavily romanticize the era as well, and it has only grown increasingly difficult to find relatively unbiased accounts of the Millennial Calm as it falls farther into the past.