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Pronunciation: As the word
Adjectival: Topple-Kinged, solar
Semi-Major Axis: N/A
Orbital Period N/A
Synodic Period: N/A
Equatorial Radius: 700,000 km
Planet Type: Sun

Topple-King is the Ealdremen sun. Of all celestial bodies in the system, Topple-King commands the greatest amount of names and historical focus. In ages past, Topple-King was regarded as a deity unto itself, hence its monarchy-inspired "proper" name and the respectful reverence it is still given to this day by space travellers. Being the largest body in the Ealdremen system, Topple-King accounts for over 99% of all mass in Ealdremen and is the brightest star in every Ealdremen planet's sky.

As with many stars throughout Ealdremen, Topple-King is composed mostly of hydrogen, helium, and Chrono. Early astronomers and spellcasters thought that Chrono possibly originated from Topple-King itself, but analyses of the sun from the Millennial Calm have shown this hypothesis to be unlikely, as the Chrono traces throughout Topple-King are not only insignificant compared to hydrogen and helium, but the Chrono is also specifically localized to Topple-King's solar atmosphere. All the same, some disciplines of magic still revere Topple-King as a central figure and may even derive power from it.

Other Names and Etymology

Generally speaking, referring to "the sun" in Ealdremen as opposed to just any sun is a reference to Topple-King. The name Topple-King comes from an old Tumorid myth that told the story of how tyrannical kings and queens tried to steal the power of the sun in order to prove their claims on the throne and quell uprisings throughout their kingdoms. Eventually, their obsession with the sun reduced them to mere husks of their former selves, their ultimate fates varying depending on the myth, though blindness or being turned to ashes are common outcomes. As such, the sun was the only being that could usher in the fall of tyrants: the grand Topple-King.