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Topple-King is the name of one of the Ealdremen System's two suns, the other known as Usurper. Within kingsward space, older navigators and texts refer to it simply as "the sun," with Topple-King having once been a name regarded more as a trivia fact or when used in contexts relating to stellar classification across the universe. With the recent discovery of Usurper and its orbiting planets, Topple-King as a term has come into more common use, especially by younger pilots.

The name Topple-King comes from a translation of the Morish word Svkrechl, meaning "one who topples kings". A common urban legend states that the name comes from a myth about an ancient king hailing from Umorej that became fixated on the idea of controlling the sun itself, which eventually led to his downfall as he neglected his kingdom and was overthrown. However, scholars have found no credible evidence of such a myth existing during the eras where Umorej had monarchies. It has been suggested instead name referred originally not to the sun itself, but to gold in jewelry and currency, either referring to an idea that even monarchs can be toppled with enough financial power or to the idea that the pursuit of financial gain eventually causes even monarchs to fall. Due to the sun's bright yellow color in the sky, the names for gold and sun became one and the same.

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