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Pronunciation: Gare-oo-ahl-dee
Adjectival: Gerualdian
Semi-Major Axis: 105900000 km
Orbital Period 217.54 days (163.16 Gerualdian days)
Synodic Period: 32 hours
Equatorial Radius: 4371.5 km
Planet Type: Habitable terrestrial

Gerualdi is a habitable planet in the Ealdremen Galaxy. Though it is the smallest of the habitable planets, it is economically the most powerful due to being home to the Gerualdi Union. It was not as affected by the Godbomb as the other planets, and it has consequently grown only more powerful in the following years.


Gerualdi has four continents: Sualtorre, Quanmo, Nakozot, and Manhoush. Its icecaps are quite small, and its closer location to the sun means that its tropical regions are larger than those of other planets. It has three oceans: the Deonni Ocean (between Sualtorre/Manoush and Nakozot), the Lualdi Ocean (between Sualtorre/Manhoush and Quanmo) and the Marren Ocean (between Quanmo and Nakozot).


Gerualdi has three moons: Nune Estella, Nune d'Ognos, and Nune Accares.

Governing Forces

The Gerualdi Union is based in Gerualdi, as the name suggests. However, Gerualdi's nations are largely autonomous despite mostly being allied with the Gerualdi Union out of convenience and mutual interest. The Gerualdi Union promotes trade and commerce between its nations, and in return, taxes are paid to the Gerualdi Union to maintain intergalactic affairs for these nations. Nations are permitted to have their own agreements with non-Gerualdi Union affiliates, though most choose not to simply because the Gerualdi Union typically does it better, anyway.