Alamír Empire

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The Alamír Empire is a major political power in the Ealdremen System. While it bears the same name as the empire dating to the Three War Span, it was only considered ideologically related for much of its history. The modern Alamír Empire formed in response to the aftermath of the Watershed of 4100 CGC; numerous Raljikkan nations were devastated in the apocalyptic event, and bloody conflicts broke out over the limited resources remaining with greater wars on the horizon, especially as governments stabilized to some degree and were able to muster coordinated military forces. In 4119 CGC, Hrætin Grokkol, who is now known as the first modern High Imperator, united the nation Streeg and, from there, petitioned neighboring nations to join a new political alliance meant to rebuild what had been lost in the Watershed. Although at the time this alliance was not called the Alamír Empire, advisory members of Grokkol's political cabinet came to call this fledgling power "the reborn Alamír Empire" in a bid to foster political unity among disparate nations and give the newly-established political entity a sense of international identity rather than being linked to one individual or a single country.

The Alamír Empire is predominately concentrated on the planet Raljikka, which is home to various nations with idealized or nostalgic views for the empire of old. As with the old Alamír Empire, it is ruled by a High Imperator who selects from a group of potential heirs who is most suited to rule. These heirs are taught from a young age politics, governance, and ethics, as well as the history of the nation-states that comprise the Alamír Empire; they often may be related to a current or previous member of government, including the High Imperator themselves, but promising talent has been scouted at relatively older ages from higher education and then deemed a potential successor to the Alamír Empire. While traditionally the High Imperator crowns the successor and voluntarily abdicates the throne, in practice, it is more common for the High Imperator to decree their choice on their deathbed or in their will.

The Alamír Empire's components are known as "nation-states," which typically have both "macro-local" (governance over the whole nation-state) and "micro-local" (governance over a small region of the nation-state) governments. Macro-local governments have individuals that answer directly to higher Imperial officials, and in some cases may be directly installed by the Empire itself, while micro-local governments answer to the macro-level government and generally have little to no interaction with the Alamír Empire's governing body.

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