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The High Imperator, sometimes rendered as "High Emperor" or "High Empress" depending on the gender of the ruler, is the undisputed leader of the Alamo Empire. Though aided by advisors and councils, the High Imperator's word is the law in the end. However, for most of history, a High Imperator's successor was not directly related to them; having a lineage in nobility could help being noticed by the current High Imperator, but more often than not, a High Imperator would pick out a successor early on and "groom" them to become the next High Imperator following their retirement or death. It was extraordinarily rare and quite the scandal for a successor to be replaced unless the successor had died, though it was not unheard of.

High Imperators were also considered the leaders of the Alamo Empire's military; as a result, successors tended to be handpicked from the military, especially during times of war or when war was expected to break out. During eras of peace, successors were often selected from politicians and orators.

Early on and towards the end of the Alamo Empire's history, it was more expected for High Imperators to voluntarily retire once they deemed their successor ready to rule; this fell out of practice through the Second Galactic War for the sake of maintaining stable rule during a time of major rule, but eventually came back.

Past High Imperators

  1. High Emperor Derrin Stormwing I (2647-2651)
  2. High Empress Raana Alaamo (2651-2654)
  3. High Emperor Saamir Alaamo (2654-2670)
  4. High Emperor Rasgeir Valke (2670-2693)
  5. High Empress Maurth Skyless (2693-2701)
  6. High Emperor Sergan Aninaff (2701-2724)
  7. High Imperator Maalnad Nel-Asiin (2724-2760)
  8. High Emperor Osedahl Völlr (2760-2790)
  9. High Empress Fridir Dusktail (2790-2842)
  10. High Empress Drejavikk the Undaunted (2842-2870)
  11. High Imperator Áurgar Toovang (2870-2872)
  12. High Empress Zarat Hakarim (2872-2897)
  13. High Empress Drejavikk the Unscarred (2897-2965)
  14. High Emperor Joskur Galeblast II (2965-2978)
  15. High Emperor Joskur Galeblast III (2978-2986)
  16. High Empress Odd-Eye Bulerid (2986-2988)
  17. High Imperator Kaqal-nu (2988)
  18. High Empress Sjora Stormwing (2988-3000)
  19. High Imperator Nesslund Raskes (3000-3010)
  20. High Emperor Aejir Scythefang (3010-3021)
  21. High Emperor Derrin Stormwing IX (3021-3045)