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Pronunciation: Ral-yik-kuh
Adjectival: Raljikkan
Semi-Major Axis: 156500000 km
Orbital Period 390.5 days (360.64 Raljikkan days)
Synodic Period: 26 hours
Equatorial Radius: 6298.3 km
Planet Type: Habitable terrestrial

Raljikka is a habitable planet in the Ealdremen Galaxy. It occupies the same orbital path as Sigzlor, but the two planets are distant enough that they do not experience much gravitational pull on one another and do not risk crashing into each other. Raljikka is known for being the birthplace and the main territory of both the current Alamo Empire and the Old Alamo Empire.


Because of the Godbomb, oceans separating Raljikka's continents dwindled, and continent terms have fallen out of use due to the mental distinction that all of Raljikka is more or less one landmass with a few stray islands here or there. Raljikka has large icecaps and habitable landmasses connected to them, leading to the popular belief that all of Raljikka is cold and cloaked in an eternal winter. While this is false, Raljikka does have smaller tropical regions than its sibling planet at the same orbital distance as it, Sigzlor.


Raljikka has two moons respectively called Maurth and Ringkk.

Governing Forces

Predominately, Raljikkan nations are unaffiliated or part of the Alamo Empire. Imperial nations are united under the same banner and tend to have similar laws, legislation, and even sometimes culture due to the spread of imperial beliefs and ideals. For the most part, nations will ally with the Alamo Empire for survival or because of the belief that the Empire's way is absolute. Unaffiliated nations are often governed more by the presence of the Gerualdi Union, but some have a strong Veriol Alliance leaning and will be part of the Veriol Alliance in all but name (to avoid potential political clashes with imperial neighbors).