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Nethere is a telluric planet located within the Ealdremen System that orbits the sun Usurper. Its governments and cultures occupy a unique role in modern Ealdremen politics as they are not affiliated with the major political powers that have not only dominated the rest of Ealdremen's recent history, but in some cases have also reigned over its political landscape for over a thousand years. As of 4364 CGC, Nethere is the only known planet to orbit Usurper with documented civilizations and sentient life.

At the start of the Chrono Stars War, Nethere's nations composed of the "newly-discovered" medrin species were united against the common threat represented by the foreign invaders, and the powerful nation of Terdeu took a leadership position among them. However, as Terdeu's crimes against its own people and the extinct seremindir, a species they are implicated in genociding, came to the forefront, the alliance between Nethere's political powers threatens to fracture and leave them vulnerable should their enemies choose to renew their active battles against the "rogue planet".

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