Chrono Stars War

From Chrono Stars

The Chrono Stars War is a conflict in the Ealdremen System that began in 4340 CGC primarily involving the Gerualdi Union, the Nazdrovie Pact, the Alamír Empire, and the Veriol Alliance, as well as the governments of the planet Nethere. As the name suggests, the primary desired outcome of this war was to control the Chrono Stars that could be found in the newly-discovered reaches orbiting the sun Usurper, but other celestial bodies in this part of the system were also of interest to the primary combatants in the war.

As of 4364 CGC, the war is officially ongoing and no peace treaties have been signed between any major force in the war; however, no active battles have been waged since 4346, and a great many average civilians may consequently feel that the war has been over for almost twenty standardized years.

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