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Shrouded in mystery and myth, the seremindir became known to the inhabitants of the Ealdremen System through a solitary vengeful seremindir survivor called Rotus and his guardian, a man named Set Sietsan. Little is known of the seremindir beyond that they were massacred some time ago, leaving Rotus as the last of his kind. They speak a language unknown to even those that have met Rotus, and even their birthplace of origin is an enigma. The only clue to their origin is a desecrated temple last seen in a burning jungle -- a sight linked to Set Sietsan and Rotus themselves, who were both witness to the destruction.


Seremindir are covered in a tough leathery hide; their skin, which is normally grey, black, or brown, thickens as they age, and so older seremindir may appear to have cracks or pronounced wrinkles in their skin, particularly on their ears that hang down on either side of their head. Young seremindir have smaller ears that rarely go past their eyes in length, but adult seremindir may have ears that go down to their hunched shoulders. They have a naturally lumbering gait that makes them slow; their backs naturally hunch over, and a running seremindir may use their elongated arms for extra momentum, seemingly running on all fours. The natural stance of a seremindir, however, is bipedal; they stand on legs that may seem somewhat short relative to the rest of their body, and their feet are wide so as to support their massive weight. The fingers and toes of a seremindir are both blunted and lacking in claws. In conjunction with their teeth being largely blunted, this suggests an herbivorous diet, and there may have been some other function for the distinctive seremindir tusks.

Most seremindir have visible tusks protruding from their lower jaw; the most common number of tusks is two, one on each side, but some seremindir have asymmetrical tusk formations and may have more than two visible tusks. Their tusks appear to grow around their rounded snouts, giving their tusks a curved appearance to match the silhouette of the seremindir's snout. The presence of tusks is seen throughout the entire race and is not limited to a specific gender or subspecies. Although Rotus is considered male, this appears to be a gendered construct that was perhaps impressed upon him by non-seremindir caretakers, as seremindir do not have physical sexes. It is unknown how they reproduce, as individuals such as Rotus have been seen in a juvenile form and seremindir appear to grow from infancy to adulthood as many other races do.

Racial Traits (D&D 3.5e/Pathfinder)

The seremindir are an extinct race as of most games set in Ealdremen and the race has only one sole survivor, Rotus. As such, they are not playable in most games and the statistics listed below are specifically for non-player characters such as Rotus or games specifically set when the seremindir were not extinct.

Seremindir are a Large race, inheriting the typical benefits and penalties of this size category. Because it takes several hundred years for a seremindir to reach their full size, a younger seremindir might instead be Medium, in which case they have no benefits or penalties associated with their size. Seremindir characters may choose +2 Strength and -2 Dexterity or +2 Wisdom and -2 Charisma to be applied to their starting statistics. The large sizes of the seremindir grant them increased physical might at the cost of a slow, lumbering gait, and their intuitive connection to the true god of Ealdremen, in addition to their seemingly monstrous appearance, means that other creatures are often inherently unsettled by their presence.

Eye of Kraderag


The children of the Grand Dreamer were blessed to never know death. The shadows sought otherwise, and so the Grand Dreamer's children were forced to take up arms.


A number of times per day equal to the seremindir's character level, the seremindir may lengthen an action that would normally take a standard action to a full-round action. Half of any damage dealt as part of this full-round action is considered divine and is not subjected to resistances or immunities to the original type of damage dealt. It is considered the original type of damage for the purposes of effects that increase damage dealt, such as enemy vulnerabilities or bonuses to specific types of damage dealt. An action that is already a full-round action or longer, such as a full attack or a spell that has a casting of one round, may not be lengthened in this way, nor can swift, move, immediate, or free actions. At character level 10th, the seremindir may use two daily uses of this ability to change all the damage dealt through this ability to divine damage.

Crescent Crash


Seremindir have a +2 racial bonus to Intimidate. This bonus increases to +4 if the seremindir is missing an eye and takes a -2 racial penalty to Perception.

Will of the Dreamer


Seremindir have a +1 racial bonus to Will. They also have a +1 racial bonus to Fortitude if the seremindir takes a -1 racial penalty to Reflex.

Burden of the Colossus


Seremindir have a base 20ft movement speed.