Veriol Alliance

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Pronunciation: Vair-ee-ohl Alliance
Founded: 2702 CGC
Current Leader(s): The Veriol Council (Sun Lao-Ji, Taleocles Phikaros, Reaver Sandstrider, Menème Gardier, Zervat Aniklý)
Colors: Green and violet }}
Lingua Franca: Morish }}

The oldest faction in the galaxy, the Veriol Alliance is a millennia-old group comprised of separate nations that are united only when they have a common goal to work towards. During times of peace, the Veriol Alliance has historically been inactive and mostly only existed to mediate trade agreements between its different nations. However, with the return of the Alamo Empire and the galaxy still reeling from the destruction of the Godbomb, the Veriol Alliance has returned to the forefront of galactic politics.


The Veriol Alliance was officially created after the Alamo Empire opened war on Gerualdi and began the First Galactic War. Comprised of Estvoldian nations, the Veriol Alliance came to Gerualdi's aid and helped push out the Alamo Empire. Though the alliance was expected to end with the First Galactic War, the people of the Veriol nations saw potential in a limited alliance. Rather than the assimilation of the Alamo Empire, the Veriol Alliance would be a series of agreements based on mutual interest and trust.


The Veriol Council is comprised of representatives from all nations that are part of the Veriol Alliance. Each of these representatives, called ministers, are often specialized in a certain field to encourage cooperation. The five most prominent members of the Veriol Council are voted into power and organize the efforts of other ministers who are considered "subsets" of their overarching domains, such as the Minister of Foreign Affairs directing ministers who specialize in trade agreements with nations outside the Veriol Alliance.

Governments of the Veriol Alliance's members, for the most part, remain unchanged after joining the Veriol Alliance. Many of their leaders are also ministers in the Veriol Council so that their nation's concerns can be heard during council meetings, though rarely are they one of the most prominent members (to prevent any one nation from overpowering the others).

The Veriol Alliance has very few laws that all its nations must follow. The laws it does have mostly prevent its nations from opening war on one another and from violating trade agreements, though the latter can be negotiated if proven that the trade agreement was unfair in some way.

Idealogy and Culture

The Veriol Alliance perceives the Veriol Council as merely an organizer and mediator. If the Veriol Alliance wanted to go to war, it must convince the people and the nations' governments of that. Should the Veriol Council overstep its boundaries, a nation would withdraw from the Veriol Alliance (as Kyrol did after the Second Galactic War).

The Veriol Alliance promotes the preservation of history and culture. Wholly aware that their ancestors' imperialistic behavior is what created the Alamo Empire to begin with, the tumorians who promoted the idea of the Veriol Alliance were careful to write in autonomy for all nations that joined the Veriol Alliance.