Veriol Alliance

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The Veriol Alliance is a major political power in the Ealdremen System largely concentrated on the planet Estvoled and surrounding areas of space. Though nominally it was only officially established during the beginning of the Three War Span in response to pending hostilities from the at-the-time newly formed Alamír Empire, the Veriol Alliance has a deep-set history with the original colonization groups that explored Ealdremen in its earliest space age days and, thus, some of Estvoled's oldest governments and powers. This history is said to be why the Veriol Alliance struggles to find sympathy outside areas where it has had a historical precedence.

Allegiance to the Veriol Alliance is viewed as more of a treaty and partnership than existing under a single government — where powers like the Alamír Empire are essentially a single entity and where some like the Gerualdi Union are in express competition with each other in political power, the Veriol Alliance seeks for nations that comprise it to mutually benefit from their shared affiliation. However, stipulations are often placed on powers that seek to join or become affiliated with the Veriol Alliance; these requirements generally mandate particular policies that the Veriol Alliance has long held in their constitutions as representative of basic rights, such as democratic representation in governments, access to healthcare for all citizens, and passing evaluations on laws meant to protect minorities. These stipulations have been criticized at various points in history for perceived cultural biases and hypocrisy on the parts of the nations that wrote these constitutions or for preventing fledgling political powers from resolving their issues by "locking" them from Veriol Alliance aid until they overhaul at times major parts of their legislature and governmental structure.

The Veriol Alliance's government structure is organized around a hierarchy of numerous departments and government cabinets overseen by a Zenith Minister. These individuals are elected into power by democratic process for set terms based on the margin of their victory, with more popular officials sitting for longer terms while less popular ones may only have a single term, at which point they must campaign for re-election. Individual powers and other affiliated groups are also permitted to send up to ten Zenith Ambassadors to act as representatives of their unique needs and concerns; subordinates to these ambassadors are generally diplomats charged with maintaining good relationships with the Veriol Alliance and its nations.

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