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Estvoled is a habitable planet in the Ealdremen System and is the fifth-closest planet to the system's sun, Topple-King. The atmosphere of Estvoled has been compared on numerous occasions to the gas giants of Ealdremen, rather than the habitable planets that Estvoled is otherwise most similar to. The skies of this planet are mired with largely green Chrono, ostensibly due to centuries of reliance on this magical quintessence, but historical meteorology indicates that such Chrono could have possibly been latent within the atmosphere long before the rise of modern magic disciplines. If this were the case, it is possible that the planet itself is seeped in mind-altering Chrono, perhaps pushing its inhabitants towards discovery and long, dangerous journeys of curiosity long before the rest of the solar system could catch up technologically.


Estvoled's land is divided up across three continents called Chronofell, Kyrol, and Tovat Ré, with the majority of Estvoled's landmass belonging to Tovat Ré's continental plate. The equatorial portions of Estvoled are typically mountainous, though some mountains also exist in the center parts of the northernmost continent, Kyrol. Estvoled's distance from the sun may have influenced the development of its icecaps, which are larger than other habitable planets -- even Beyne, farther from the sun than Estvoled, lacks these distinctively large stretches of tundra and ice. Only Raljikka, next-closest to the sun alongside its cousin Sigzlor, has comparable icecaps to Estvoled. Because of the numerous islands and ever-shifting tides on Estvoled, these icecaps are closely monitored for temperature changes that might herald further alterations in the fragile tides; falling molten meteorites from the moon have been known to cause changes in Estvoled's sea level as huge portions of the icecaps melt away.

The dangers of tidal changes resulted in Estvoldians, during the Millennial Calm, once seeking ways to add on new territory for their people. The floating island of Vzástrov Se may have been a prototype of creating land not bound by the whims of the tide, and disappeared individuals such as Emirs Switts once sought to create stable, habitable demiplanes for the same purpose.


Estvoled has a single moon called Sopretak, which orbits rather closely to the planet. The molten moon is easily visible in Estvoled's sky, close enough that many of its cooler patches or seeping craters of lava can even be seen from the surface. Sopretak's proximity to Estvoled is thought to be the primary reason for Estvoled's dramatically shifting tides. The Godbomb's effects of shrinking Estvoled's coastlines and flooding portions of Kyrol may have also been linked to Sopretak, as astronomical data from before the Godbomb indicates that Sopretak used to be slightly farther away from the planet's surface.

Governing Forces

Estvoled is widely associated with the Veriol Alliance, which is even named for a type of mineral found natively only on Estvoled's moon. The connection between Estvoled and the Veriol Alliance is often compared to Raljikka and its Alamo Empire; in spite of being theoretically multi-planet groups, they have only managed to gain substantial footholds in countries with long-standing historical ties to that faction. The Veriol Alliance does not actively court nations to become part of their fold, nor does it subjugate them. Rather, Veriol-affiliated countries enjoy enough benefits while maintaining their own autonomy that unaffiliated nations are encouraged by example to align with the Veriol Alliance.

Due to the Veriol Alliance's strong presence, their enemy, the Alamo Empire, has virtually no presence throughout Estvoled, even in unaffiliated countries. The more neutral Gerualdi Union typically has outposts and embassies throughout both Veriol nations and countries that are not aligned with any major faction; as with their Raljikkan counterparts, Union bases seems split between seeking profit even far from their home planet and monitoring the local governments' desires to wage galactic war.




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