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Well before even the first space travelers set foot on Gerualdi, the cancchia people ingrained in their children to never accept one's station in life and to always strive for what will facilitate their goals. Generations of servitude to other Gerualdian races could not shake their unbreakable spirit and their persistent sense of community. A cancchia will often be a social keystone somewhere, even in small groups, and their resonating voices ensure that their opinions and desires will always be heard, from the smallest of local platforms to even the field of galactic politics.

Etymology and Other Names

Although the name cancchia is distinctively Nicta-slio in its phonemes, the word is actually Zorredrian in origin. The original term for the race was canhicos, potentially a corruption of a Magrul word meaning "people of ," cùair.The widespread nature of Nicta-slio has resulted in the name cancchia becoming the most commonly used term, as by the time many colonists reached Gerualdi for the first time, Nicta-slio was already a commonly used trade language with many of its words supplanting those of other languages.


Cancchias mostly have elongated muzzles that end in pronounced dark or pink noses. The length of a cancchia's muzzle can vary from individual to individual; some have narrow muzzles that taper towards their nose, whereas others have broader, shorter muzzles. Around their noses, they have short whiskers that are often difficult to see unless they have light fur and dark whiskers or vice versa. Their lips often sag in a neutral expression, which can give them a dour or thoughtful appearance, especially for those with short muzzles. The ears of a cancchia can also vary -- many have upright ears, others have ears that are folded over, and some have ears that are somewhere in between between the two. All of them will have their ears set firmly atop their heads with the base of the ear often at the same height as their brows or close to it.

It is rare for a cancchia to be solidly colored with no markings or patterns. Many of them will often have differently colored backs or undersides, or they may have spots or brindle stripes along their limbs and around their faces. Even cancchias without fur will have patterns of different color across their skin. Cancchias are seldom perfectly symmetrical in coloring, even if the difference is slight; they may have differently colored nails on their left hand versus their right, or they may have a distinctive splotch of color around one eye but not the other. Cancchias never naturally exhibit especially neon colors and largely are brown, black, white, or a dull rusted orange, with some being pale yellow or a dull blue-grey.

The upright stance of a cancchia accentuates their normally long tails. It is rare, but not unheard of, for a cancchia to be born entirely without a tail. For cancchias who have long fur, their tail may display especially long strands of fur, and mostly furless cancchias will often have some fur on their tail. It is rare for cancchias to have hair, but those that do are by and large those without fur. Cancchias without fur may seem smaller and even scrawnier than their furred relatives, as cancchias do not naturally build up a significant amount of muscle even when they exercise regularly.


From a young age, cancchias are motivated to earn their keep and self-provide. Children who want something will be expected to work for it, only obtaining their goal once they've merited it. Though cancchias will provide for their children's necessities and, when they're older, offer them entry points into businesses or family trades, there is a sense of equality in that everyone receives what they are due. All individuals are owed the basic means to survive no matter their age, whether it is provided by family, a greater community effort, or the government, but anything beyond that must be earned. An individual cancchia should, in the eyes of their peers, be self-motivated to obtain what they want and not expect others to give it to them. Because of this, the notion of nepotism is simultaneously foreign and repugnant to a typical cancchia; it is one thing to have a low-level position somewhere due to a network connection, but being promoted past the point of merit destabilizes the entire framework and renders everyone else unmotivated to work, as they see their diligence and discipline mean nothing in the face of something they cannot control.

Cancchias often focus on what they need to do in order to achieve their goals, and they consequently tend to pursue professions that are not their passion but that are high-paying or in high demand. The pulse of an industry or field can be monitored by the presence or absence of cancchias following economic trends. They tend to see little problem with changing careers if they are able to make it a net positive; because dramatic changes can come out as a net loss, however, they are often conservative about sudden changes that are too far from their initial career and instead may make incremental steps away from that career over time. It is also common for cancchias to rigorously attempt to climb the ranks to get to the exact ratio of money earned to work invested that they desire, though many of them will stop at that point and not seek any further promotions unless their goals change.

Cancchia communities are often self-governing with social pressure and seeing little need to keep secrets, and they are also encouraged to speak their minds. They might come across as sharing too much information about themselves, but to a cancchia, this is simply a way of making sure everybody involved knows all potentially pertinent information and can socially navigate interactions accordingly. Individuals are generally expected to be open and forthcoming and to not hide their feelings about something or someone. A private person may be seen as having something unsavory to hide, in which case everyone deserves to know what they are trying to keep secret. If a cancchia is told to keep a secret, they generally must be given a timeframe where that secret will become open knowledge. Otherwise, that typical cancchia may resent being part of something that undermines other people's trust and make the information publicly known regardless.

Racial Traits (D&D 3.5e/Pathfinder)


Cancchias are largely a Medium race and have no bonuses or penalties associated with their size. Some cancchias, however, are instead Small and have those associated benefits and penalties from their size category. Cancchia characters may choose either +2 Charisma and -2 Wisdom or +2 Constitution and -2 Intelligence to be applied to their starting statistics. Cancchias tend to operate best in large groups and are often naturally inclined to sociability and group cohesion, particularly when they have opportunities to become leaders in whatever ways suit their goals, but their single-minded pursuit of such goals can render them unobservant to small details or outright unwilling to correct small mistakes in favor of making larger strides. Their physical bodies are often hardy and resistant to diseases, often naturally gifted in stamina; on the other hand, it is also common for cancchias to not finish or emphasize basic education as they quickly seize career opportunities and leave behind what they view as less important.

Pack Attack (Ex)


The collective fervor of cancchia warfare is well-documented, with many cancchias mimicking the style either intentionally or simply due to a subconscious ability to collaborate with their allies even amid chaotic conditions. Historical accounts of wars against or within especially indicate the true potential of cancchia tactics -- in close quarters, cancchias can guide their allies to fighting almost as one cohesive unit, striking like they have the enemy surrounded and without leaving themselves open to counterattacks. Such guidance can take many forms, but the most common is simply fighting by example and leading the charge in a brutal swarm of weapons lashing from every direction.


Once per encounter as a move action, a cancchia can affect all allies within 60ft that can hear or see the cancchia with Pack Attack. For the duration of the ability, the cancchia and their affected allies may occupy the same space to a maximum of two creatures in the same space if either are Medium or Large, or up to three creatures if all of them are Small. Huge or larger creatures cannot occupy the same space as creatures of the same or larger size, but they may share a space with another creature that is smaller than they are. If they occupy the same space, they are considered to be flanking adjacent enemies as if on opposite sides of the enemy, and they each supply cover to one another, granting +4 AC to the involved creatures. Pack Attack lasts for 1d4+1 rounds, after which creatures still in the same space as one another are automatically separated to the nearest adjacent space without provoking an attack of opportunity.

Keywords: Active, encounter, extraordinary ability, move action

Natural Leadership (Natural Ability)


All cancchias know that every society has its own hierarchy; every micro-culture has leaders and followers, and it is the leaders who make their will known and achieve their goals. How an individual leads may vary, but it is a cultural truth that the will to social power is the fuel for all accomplishments.


Cancchias have a +2 racial bonus to either Diplomacy or Intimidate, but not both.

Keywords: Passive, natural ability

Ear for Gossip (Natural Ability)


A cancchia's social context is vital to their sense of being -- for leadership is worthless without knowledge of what is being led and how -- and they are often keepers of sometimes furtive information that they view as the collective's business. Some cancchias' natural affability even lets them know things from beyond their immediate social circle as relative outsiders confide in them. However, a cancchia's perspective of what is and is not a secret can differ from other cultures, especially as they tend to view secrets as detrimental to trust, making them sometimes seem to be mere gossips rather than informational beneficiaries for the whole social group.


Cancchias have a +2 racial bonus to Knowledge (Local).

Keywords: Passive, natural ability

Cancchia Senses (Natural Ability)


Cancchias have the scent ability out to 30ft. This range increases by 5ft every 5 character levels that the cancchia possesses, up to a maximum range of 60ft at character level 20. When the subject of the scent is upwind, the range of detection is cut in half, rounded down to the nearest multiple of 5. When the subject of the scent is downwind, the range of detection is doubled. When a cancchia locates a scent, the exact location is not revealed, only its presence within range. The cancchia may take a move action to detect the direction of the scent. When the cancchia is within 5ft of the subject of the scent, its exact location is revealed.

A cancchia can make a Survival check (or Wisdom check) to follow a trail by scent.

Keywords: Passive, active, move action, natural ability