Nazdrovie Pact

From Chrono Stars

The Nazdrovie Pact is a major political power in the Ealdremen system unique for its deep roots across two planets; even the Gerualdi Union, generally regarded as much more powerful than the Nazdrovie Pact, struggles to manage territories spread throughout the system. In contrast, the Nazdrovie Pact is the dominant "force" throughout both Sigzlor and Beyne, a trait owed to their limited form of government and structure as a political power.

Governance "over" the Nazdrovie Pact is something of an oxymoron, as there is no true central government that holds power over each nation or power affiliated with the Nazdrovie Pact. Their governing structure is instead likened to the old fiefdoms of Sigzlor's more distant history, where territories were ruled over by individual governors that kept one another in check through a mix of mutual agreement and mutually assured destruction; any individual that displeased too many other lords, it was said, would soon find themselves outnumbered and outmatched, and so, the solution was for all to cooperate as much as necessary while also providing for their own people (who, too, could outnumber and dispose of the governor if mistreated).

As a result of the ideology that no one individual should hold so much power that they cannot be kept in check, the Nazdrovie Pact is more a collection of allied nations with treaties and a myriad network of policies unique to not only each involved power, but each relationship between these powers. While this enables the Pact to bring together disparate countries with little in common, these differences can also divide these countries, and this barrier is seen most prominently with many Sigzlorian countries in contrast to their Beynid allies, where the typical spirituality and religiosity of most Sigzlorian nations comes into conflict with the antitheist attitudes and historical killing of verge gods throughout Beyne. However, all members of the Nazdrovie Pact know well the price of needless conflict or failing to aid their allies; if they allow themselves to become too divided from the rest of the Pact, they will be helpless against other powers that seek to control them in some way, such as the Alamír Empire, the Gerualdi Union, or the Veriol Alliance.

Times of war are said to galvanize the Nazdrovie Pact easily, as it binds them together against a common enemy, and the Chrono Stars War brought together not only existing allies, but also encouraged new ones to enter into the fold. Nations that suffered great losses in the war or that are displeased with their current political affiliation — or perhaps lack thereof — are especially receptive to the idea of allying with the Nazdrovie Pact and entreating with its members.

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