Nazdrovie Pact

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Template:DisbandedgroupboxThe shortest-lived faction to consist of multiple planets, the Nazdrovie Pact was created on the onset of the Third Galactic War and peacefully dissolved not too long after the war ended. Despite not existing formally anymore, the Nazdrovie Pact's influence can still be felt particularly on Sigzlor and Beyne; these two planets formed the bulk of the Nazdrovie Pact, and even centuries after the Nazdrovie Pact split apart, the two planets continued to have amicable international relations and trade agreements.

Furthermore, areas where the Nazdrovie Pact was most powerful still maintain a burning hatred of the Alamo Empire, the enemy the Nazdrovie Pact members sought to defeat -- and sometimes also a great disdain for the Veriol Alliance and Gerualdi Union for more or less leaving the Nazdrovie Pact's small armies to fend off the Alamo Empire alone.